Multi Science Gate (MSG) Technology

Multi Science Gate (MSG) Technology Ltd. company was established under the Research and Development Innovation Program with the support of Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology KOSGEB.

Besides the services that provides our company for research and development projects in the fields of Aviation, Energy and Technology, MSG Technology also look forward to presents its engineering experience and consulting services for industrial and manufacturing domains such as heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning systems design. Our company that was established in Erciyes Teknopark A.Ş., and with all its future innovations, plans to provide a complete national and international services.

Our team has completed international and national EU and TUBITAK projects so far and currently has 3 patent applications on Aviation and Energy domains. Furthermore, our team is continuing its researches and developing studies on the application of these patents.

Our team holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and continues postgraduate studies. A total of 3 employees are employed in our researches and development projects on a work full-time and part-time basis, and work on personnel restructuring is still ongoing.

Our Vision

To develop research and development projects for the national production of advanced technology products of aerospace, energy and manufacturing industries. With this development, we will be capable to set out quality products and become one of the world’s largest companies.

Our Mission

To develop R&D projects and ensure that the developed projects are turn into practice. Further, R&D to national and international companies, advanced technology, financial support provided by the government, writing EU and TUBİTAK projects, managing projects, productivity increases, decreases the dependence of our national companies on foreign countries by providing engineering and consultancy services on experimental analysis, numerical analysis and experimental systems, to contribute to the best in the domain.


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Serdar Genç
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Serdar GençChairman